The Fall Solicitation is a staple piece in any higher-ed marketing calendar. This year, by working closely with my client and the printer we were able to create something a littler more creative that your standard No. 10 Business reply. Collaborating with our printer and client throughout the entire process allowed us to yield one of the most successful fall solicitations we've ever produced.
By repurposing an old admissions die, we were call directly to our donor base, engaging them in an interactive greeting as they removed the postcard from the sleeve, reading "Hey, Sycamore!" as the removed the sleeve from the envelope, and "How do you give back?" as they removed the postcard from the sleeve.
The above shows the piece in both stages of the interaction, before and after. The below (from left to right) show the flat insert back, flat insert front, return envelope, and mailing envelope.
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