I'm Zac Moore, a designer based in Terre Haute, Indiana.

I am a proud social justice warrior, advocate, and lover of coffee.

Designer Statement:
My work as a designer combines my skills and passions as a creator, facilitator, and advocate. Outside of my creative practice, I am an active advocate for LGBTAQIA+ rights and social issues, and I work regularly to create events, spaces, and programs that provide accessible education about the LGBTQIA+ community, and allies. My freelance design practice extends to local non-profit institutions that work to affect change directly in our community. 
Because of my multidisciplinary approach to my field, I believe that designers are endowed with a specific set of skills that shape the way we interact with the world; we are intuitive, empathetic, and sensitive to things that many take for granted, and we see everyday objects and environments simultaneously as complex design systems and holistic schemes. It is because of this combination of skills that I believe it is the responsibility of designers to take charge in social change, and that is what I try to accomplish through my own creative projects. 
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