Climbs of Boulder Poster Series
Living in Colorado this past year has plunged me headfirst into the world of cycling—and there's no better place to be a cyclist than right here in Boulder. As I've been accomplishing higher, longer, and harder routes I wanted to find a way to document them in some kind of artistic way. 
When I first moved to Boulder, I would see what I thought were insane masochists cycling up thousands of feet into the mountains—little did I know I would soon become one of them. I thought they were crazy! How could anyone enjoy that kind of physical agony and endurance? Then, after attempting NCAR on a dare from a colleague, I was hooked. 
Being a designer, I wanted to find a way to document these meaningful accomplishments and display them, but photography and screenshots aren't really my thing. After doing some looking, I couldn't find any existing artistic representation of the accomplishments I've made outside of huge maps and photos, so I decided to create my own. 
Each time I conquer a new hill, I record the effort through Strava, and then generate a map of the route I did and stylize it to my own personal taste in one of these Climbs of Boulder posters. 
Inspired by the "14ers of Colorado" and the "Profile Series: Boulder, CO" poster by Zach Lee that most of my friends have nearly filled up in their own apartments, the future of this project will involve generating a "Climbs of Boulder" poster and stickers to place on a grid as you master them. 
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